Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Modern Technology............

this week has been so weird. our AC went out! OK i could stop there because that is horrible, especially in our town where last week was our first really warm week of the year it hit 105 on Sunday. luckily we have 2 AC units so the one on the kids side of the house still worked. so we did what any good parent would do and we made Liz move out into her brothers room and we hauled our mattress in there for a week. It was fixed yesterday after 7 nights.
THEN did i mention my computer is broke AGAIN! seriously it is almost funny (almost) luckily John hasn't taken his laptop back yet so i have still have access to the Internets.
in recent weeks this is what else has had issues dishwasher, cell phone and vacuum. and to top it off our washer went out OK just joking on the last one but you wouldn't be surprised would you.
on Monday it was supposed to be our last mops meeting and there was a chemical fire in the area so they had to close everything at church including school, the preschool and MOPS. i know seriously i am not going to Vegas this week my luck is not good. luckily we got to change it to Tuesday and for the most part it was a great turnout, we had women who shared what MOPS has meant to them, we got to honor our committees, we had worship time and we had lunch catered it really was a great day. My steer team gave me a target gift card and i already know what i am buying with it, it is for my backyard and i will show you all when i get it done.
Tomorrow John is going on a field trip with Johnathan his first one ever, i went to the same one with David last year and i am sure they will have a great time on the train trip. Johnathan is SO excited. Friday i am going on a field trip with David to a zoo about 2 hours away it should be fun i am sure Jake will love the animals. Also on Friday we are having a party for Liz since she never had a friend party for her birthday because she wanted to wait until it was warm so they could swim. so this week has been busy.
next week is the last week of school 2 full days then half day on Thursday and they are done. then we start preparing to homeschool........................... scary!!!!

i am hoping to get my laptop back tomorrow i really hope i do i have a ton to talk about on here but i need to show you all pics to go with them, including Liz's bathroom that i finally started painting since we have lived here a year!!!!

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