Saturday, April 4, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.....

well i am in my 14th week of pregnancy and it feels like i am 20 since i have known for so long. but this is honestly the best part of pregnancy i don't have to take a nap every day (although i still love naps, just don't require them). i don't gets cravings persay but there is many things i love at the moment!

1. sweet tea- i love it! i make it all the time and i can drink it all day. although this is the first pregnancy that i really like water. i am not much of a water drinker and have to force myself to drink it.

sweet tea

2. I LOVE pizza, i mean really i could have it every day. (although i don't because i cant not afford to gain much weight AT all!) anyhow.... but it has to have mushrooms, fresh ones not canned and pepperoni loooooove it!


3. cantaloupe, Albertsons had them on sale for 25 cents a pound a few weeks ago and i think i bought like 20 that week! my kids love it to so between the 5 of us could eat 2 at a time!


4. and lastly! i don't know where they sell these air head extremes but don't tell me because i may buy the supply but i LOVE these air heads extremes! i have only had strawberry so i am not sure i would like the others but these are GREEEEAT!

extreme airheads


sorry if i bored you to death thought i would give you a glimpse into my excitement around here


  1. Why are they extreme?

    I am with you on the pizza--every day every meal. I have had to figure out a way to do it and still lose weight and so we have Friday night pizza night, but I make a whole wheat dough and add low fat cheese and a basic tomato pizza sauce as well as pepperoni (which I LOOOOOVE too!) and maybe some mushrooms next week! That sounds yummy!

    Do you have a recipe for sweet tea?

  2. Oh and we are going to grow cantaloupe this year! I can't wait to share with you!