Monday, April 6, 2009

2 minutes until midnight!

my computer keeps shutting off on me today so i didn't get my daily blog in until now. i was afraid to start it and then it would shut off and i would have thrown it in to the half filled pool.

our pool is almost full it only took 4 days to fill UGH! so now we just have to wait like a month for the water to warm up.

yesterday i got up and went to some yard sales and there wasn't much that interested me but i got a great set of stainless pots and pans for $10! i have been wanting new pots and pans and stainless but they are so pricey so i was so blessed to get these. i will show you pics later my camera causes the computer to shut down at the moment. John started working on our room (our current room is the converted garage) i am so excited to have a bedroom soon. in the evening we had family over for a BBQ for Liz's birthday it was fun times...

today we went to church and it was SO good! sometimes i think we are at a disadvantage because we go to such a huge church (our church is like 8000+ people) but today God showed me how extremely lucky i am, to worship in a room with 3500 at the same time is amazing! our pastor gave a awesome service about loving people that was encouraging and convicting in such a loving way though. i realized the things i complain about from time to time are so not important in the grand scheme of things. after church i took a great nap which just about means a great day for me!

this week is spring break so all the kids will be home i hope we get to have some fun!


  1. Hope you computer gets fix, good job on the yard sale find. I have really been wanting to do some yard saleing!

  2. What's up with your computer problems?!?

    I love our church too!!!