Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break!

so today the kids had there last day of school and now they are off for a week! they are so excited, as am i because i will be sleeping in ALL week!!! So today they had what they called a survivor-thon instead of a jog-a-thon and it was a big hit! all the classes represented different places around the world and it was So cute!

Liz's class so cute in there togas


Johnathan was so funny he could not wait to go down as you can tell he is not even with his class he is a step ahead. they were Australia and won best dressed and they deserved it they did a lot of work to look that cute!


David's class was the Scotland bravehearts and here is David and his buddies in there "manskirts" as they call them. ha bet they will love that in like 10 years


here is my favorite one of Johnathan holding his boomerang and he wrote his alphabet on the back in case he forgets i guess


here is the whole school in there prayer time before the festivities began.


so pray for me this week a whole week home with the kids =)

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