Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Day 1

today was the first day of spring break and it was a fun day! a friend from my mops group Amanda called me last week and invited the kids and i over for a party. the kids had a blast as did i!!!



she had a bounce house for the kids, bubbles, side walk chalk, toys etc. she ordered pizza for the kids, and a huge subway sandwich for the moms along with desserts. the weather was great, it was supposed to be like 92 degrees but was nice and breezy. but the GREATEST part of the day you ask?!?!?!


she hired two masseuses to come and give the moms massages! it was fabulous! what a treat


and Jake had fun dressing up lol

Thanks Amanda for a great day! it was the best time and a great way to start a week!

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  1. I cannot believe John let you post a pic of Jake in a shiny pink shirt. I wonder if he knows about the picture?