Saturday, March 7, 2009


today i am feeling so good! i got up and made the kids pancakes (John has a safety meeting for work so he is not here) then got to work cleaning the house. i spent a hour cleaning the kitchen alone! i even cleaned the toaster!

i have so much laundry i swear it never ends! i want to clean my entire laundry room today which is literally a whole six feet by six feet but some how is ALWAYS a mess. i took before pics to prove it is bad...

it is a beautiful day here and the kids have been playing outside in the back for the last 1.5 hours ahhhh sheer loveliness for this mom. Jake LOVES to be outside so he is having a ball, he likes to dig in the dirt such a boy.

Just thought i would update since i am feeling good hopefully i will get back into blogging now i have lots to talk about. here is a picture of Jake he likes to crawl on the table in our little nook area and eat the fruit out of the fruit bowl



  1. I am glad that you are feeling well! Don't over do it! =)

  2. Ahhh...that second trimester feeling! You can conquer the world! :)

  3. Good to hear that you are feeling better.
    Jake is such a big boy and such a cutie!

  4. God bless good weather so the kids can play outside! We had snow this morning, so not too much playtime for us. (This mama is not a cold-weather kind of girl!) But I can also relate to the laundry problem, it just seems to get worse and worse!

  5. What a cutie!!
    kari & kijsa