Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Busiest Week

i normally have pretty much no plans most weeks. seriously most of my weeks lists look like

  • take kids to school
  • clean
  • laundry
  • clean
  • cook
  • clean

well one week a year i have a super busy week that normally involves lots of running around, appointments, shopping etc. i am the coordinator of my church's mops group and every year we have one really big fundraiser that funds most of our year. we host a silent auction that takes months of works but all accumulates to that last week of getting all those loose ends tied up. well this week was that week.

i am normally the "emcee" (i use that term loosely because i am not that great at it but it is SO fun!) i had copies to make, donations to pick up, hair and nail appointments, i had to find something nice to wear, and as you all know i still need a nap everyday. well i only got a nap the fist 2 days of the week because there was a lot to do, a lot to set up and LOTS of emails and phone calls to answer. i feel like i have the easiest job at the event i just make sure the stuff is done but i don't have to do a ton of the leg work just a few small things and make sure everything is coordinated and runs as closely to plan as it is supposed to.

i love a new haircut!


i have the most awesome group of leaders that i am so blessed to work with and they work there tails off. it is amazing that a group of 8 of us leaders, and out of that 8, 7 of us have 21 kids between us, 2 of which are nursing and 1 of us pregnant (that would be me). to know we put this kind of event together virtually flawlessly is in it self a miracle =) we get SO many donations (i think we had over 100) and, serve dinner, put together raffle baskets it is just amazing!

100_2762 100_2765


the day of the event is so busy and fun. We decorate and make the place look great (i will add in pictures once i find that dumb cord to my camera). Johnnie is awesome and takes a vacation day every year and comes and moves anything we need moved, and just helps in any way he can. then he takes me to lunch and lets me take a nap without oversleeping because i totally would.


100_2779 100_2774

anyhow this is turning into a long post sorry!

our event was last night and was SO successful. i am always amazed at the amount of blessings God continues to pour on this ministry and i know it is only because of him that we had such a successful night in this crazy economy. last year we sold almost 200 tickets last night we had maybe 110 women and we made almost the same amount of money! God is so good, he really is. if you don't know that let me say it again




when we prayed before the event i prayed something like "God you know what we are going to make at this event ahead of time and we just thank you for that. you know our needs and we trust you will provide for them, let us just have a fun night of fellowship with other women...." and we did have fun, and he did provide for our group even if we made a $1 last night he still would have provided in another way and that is AWESOME! i am SO blessed to be able to part of this ministry that ministers to moms!

100_2781 (me with my friend Dee)


  1. I would have to agree with you and say that God is Great - Amen!
    I'm so happy to hear that silent auction went well and that you all had a great time of food and fellowship.
    MOPS is a great ministry. And I am sure that God has provided for this ministry above and beyond!!
    BTW 21 kids between your leadership group - WOW that is a lot of children, but how great to have that commitment from them. Awesome!!

    God Bless!!

  2. You look great Raquel, Gorgeous!!

  3. OMGosh! You and Dee look so pretty! I miss ya'll soooo much! I wish I were there.

  4. Raquel it was a great dinner. I love a new haircut, too, and now I get to go get one, thanks to your dinner!! woohoo!