Saturday, February 28, 2009

random blogging

  • the past few weeks i can not get into blogging
  • i am so exhausted i go to bed early and take naps during the day
  • i went to the doctor this week all is well, don't those prenatal visits seem kind of silly when you are there for 2 seconds all is well with the baby
  • i am finally starting to feel better PTL!
  • i am so excited my two very best friends are both pregnant. my friend Lindsey is due 2 weeks before me, and my friend Liz is due like 4 weeks after me. AWESOME! i am so excited they will probably both have girls and i will have another boy but that is ok =)
  • this is the first weekend we have no where to go hallelujah!
  • our mops group is holding our annual silent auction and i am so tired i have kind of slacked off on it i got to get to work only 2 weeks to go!
  • there has been some good TV on lately!
  • Jake does not like babies i think we have a problem he will have nothing to do with me if i hold a baby
  • Jake is also starting to talk a little more (boys are much slower when it comes to talking!) his big thing right now is saying "all gone" and "bye" he says them constantly and he blows kisses and puckers up for real ones he is TOO cute!
  • Liz has one basketball game left thank God, although i love basketball there team is just not very good it is painful to watch
  • Johnathan is still getting in trouble at school more often than we would like, mostly for talking out of turn and when he is not supposed to i don't know where he gets that from.....
  • David is becoming such a big kid. kind of going from little boy to big kid in front of my eyes. he has a goofy personality but he is still pretty sensitive, i love that boy he is awesome!
  • although i should give a disclaimer that i love ALL my kids and i don't love one more than the other (that was for you Jen)
  • John has been working alot and they are in the process of moving to a new shop which is so nice. he has his own office and i need to go give it a women's decorative touch soon!

ok so did i get everything? i think i rambled enough


  1. I am glad that you are feeling better. The silent auction is always awesome so don't stress it. You do a great job!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I have been away from blogs for awhile and I did not know you are expecting!!

    P.S On the TV post, I love Top Chef, although not exactly a fan of Hosea :)

  3. HI, Raquel, thanks for showing me your kitchen! It looks beautiful & you really did a good job with the renovation. all these decisions can be hard to make, but I hope to get it all decided soon. Thanks for reading!