Tuesday, March 31, 2009

back to blogging

my goal is to blog everyday for the next week or two to get me back into the swing of things. i am feeling much better so now i just need to do it!

so  a bit of random!

  • So i went to the doctor last week and she told me she doesn't do ultrasounds until 25 weeks! i wanted to cry. i feel like i have been pregnant forever since i swear my test came out positive the day after conception, but i am only 14 weeks! there is a place in town that does it at 16 weeks but John says why waste the money when we can wait 9 measly more weeks to find out. uhm because i want to know yesterday not at 25 weeks. so Johnnie if your reading Please change your mind (yes i am begging lol).
  • Johns work picnic was this last weekend and our prize that we won was a huge bobber for our pool that you can put sodas in John thinks it is a "conversation piece" lol
  • we are having some yard work done, 2 big trees pruned as well as some bushes that are cover our entire back fence and some stuff taken out. i know we are in a recession but out of the 3 people i set up for estimates yesterday only 1 showed up (i ended up using the guy i had give me a estimate last week) ! they are doing the work today and it looks so good. it is amazing what  a little yard work will do to spruce up the place
  • our pool guy is coming today to acid wash our pool then start filling it up for the summer. i cant believe it is time to start swimming soon! our pool needs to be resurfaced but figuring that is like $5000 we don't have right now we are waiting for that money tree to start sprouting.
  • speaking of sprouting we are getting ready to plant our first garden, i cant wait. we are going to plant a salsa garden, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and a few other things.
  • last night i had some home schooling moms over for a informal meeting a time where we could ask each other questions and get tips and hints. i think it went well there were 8 of us here and i felt like i learned a lot. i will post more on this topic later.
  • Jake is getting so big and i really need to take the bottle away. i started today with nap time well see how it goes. the kid will be 2 in June i think it is time.
  • John is starting the remodel of our room this weekend! i am so excited to finally have a real bedroom!
  • i have a ton of recipes i need to post on my cooking blog this week and next so check there often!

that's it for now

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