Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Johnathan fell today and hit his head at school. really hard. Johnathan can normally shake things off but today when i picked him up from school he said it was hurting but as soon as i started driving he started saying he had to throw up and kept dozing off so i called his doctor and they said since he fell on concrete i needed to bring him in. so off to the doctor we went then to get X-rays. everything ended up being fine thank God but it was kind of scary especially while at the doctors office because we could not get him to stay awake.



Poor guy and it looked worse in real life than in these pictures!!! he is back to his normal self tongiht though


  1. That is THE BIGGEST goose-egg I have ever seen. Poor GUY!!

  2. WHOA. That looks like a purple golf ball on his head!

  3. Poor Babe. Hope that swelling goes down soon too because even just looking at it seems painful.
    Glad to hear that he is back his normal self.

  4. Poor Jonathon, I am glad he is ok!

  5. That is so scary!! I guess he needed some ice on that when that happened??

  6. Oh man Raquel! That is unbelievable! Glad Dr. Ho got a look at it so you didn't have to worry. That's a tough little guy!