Monday, March 23, 2009

ahh a weekend wrap up

so i haven't posted in over a week. last Saturday after spring social i got sick.... really sick. i am still coughing my lungs out it is quite ridiculous! on to the weekend

the weather here in California is GORGEOUS right now! sunny but still cool and a great time for the kids to be outside. so that is what we did most of the weekend.

Friday i took the 2 oldest kids to the school for a talent show. it was MUCH better than last years show MUCH better! (i had to say that twice because it was much better ha!) any how John stayed home with the 2 younger boys a. because Jake needed to go to sleep and b. because Johnathan had a rough week at school and home. the big kids had fun and it was nice doing something with those two and my attention getting to be spent on them and not chasing a 1 year old.

Saturday was beautiful and the kids played outside almost the entire day! Jake LOVES to be outside it is his favorite thing. while they played John worked o our pool trying to get it ready for summer, patching up some funky spots on the sides. while they all did that i cleaned the boys rooms! the boys (mainly Johnathan) have not been keeping there rooms cleaned so we solved that dilemma by letting them pick what they really wanted to keep and the rest went far away from here! the funny thing was they didn't care, they actually seemed to like that there was less stuff. go figure.

that evening i went to my sisters house and visited them because my niece was in town from Idaho it was a fun girls night Liz went with me and we all went to dinner at a yummy Mexican place.

Sunday we went to church then came home and i took a FAT nap! it was so nice. we went back to my sisters house for a  BBQ it was fun both my brothers were there, my mom, my sis, and everyone's kids. good times. by the time we got home the kids were all tired so we got them ready for bed and then my 2 nieces and my nieces hubby and baby came over and we watched Taken it was SO good!

that is about it a fun busy weekend. i am hoping to spend some time in getting caught up on my cooking blog and this one but i have to wait until i can sit with out gagging for 5 minutes!

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  1. You had a busy weekend. Family gatherings are always great.