Wednesday, February 4, 2009




Today is Johnnie's birthday. if i could even describe in words how much i love this man it still would not be enough. he is my best friend and a great dad. he always put our needs before his own and works so hard so i can stay home with the kids.

thanks John i look forward to the next 31 years i get to spend with you!


  1. You're having a baby??? Woohoo, congrats! SO much for weight watchers, huh? hahahahaha.

    Well, you can pick up where you left off when your baby comes, plus if you breastfeed you get an extra 10 points a day! I had a dream recently where I had a baby and the thing I was most excited about was adding 10 points to my daily total- can you imagine?

    I just reached my 5% goal of 10 pounds lost in 6 weeks and I've leveled off to about a pound per week, and I am going to Curves now, too.

    I'm also applying for co-coordinator for MOPS this coming season!

    Hope you're feeling good- get lots of rest!