Saturday, February 7, 2009


i have been so tired this week i really have not done anything exciting, thus not much blogging. When i am pregnant usually i am beyond exhausted and take every chance i get for a nap. i also go to bed pretty early, i think it is my body's chance of making up on the like 5 hours of sleep i usually get in my life.

my doctor called last Wednesday and asked me to come back in for another ultrasound on Thursday because my number were really good we should be able to see something by now. so i went in and she did the ultrasound and this time we saw a little sac, but no embryo still. she basically told me not to worry to come back again next week and she would do it again and there would need to be something showing at that point or there could be a problem. but then she says "oh don't worry it is nothing to be overly concerned about, but i wouldn't be overly optimistic either" uh............ any how i left there and just prayed then came home took a good nap and talked to a great friend who encouraged me not to worry. i guess it is so hard because you want everything to go perfect and smoothly and when they aren't exactly going the way you think they should it freaks you out a bit. i did read a link my friend sent me of lots of women this has happened to and everything is fine in the long run. i am trying not to be dramatic about it, i hate drama. i know God is bigger than everything and he has the best plan for us at this moment. so i am just trusting all will be great.

Liz is at a swim meet this weekend with John so it is the boys and i here they are driving me nuts already. i want a nap or to go away for the rest of the day =)


  1. It's great that your numbers are looking so good!!! I am praying for you and I can't wait to read about your appointmant next week when you get to see your little embryo!!!

  2. Dear Lord, I pray peace over my friend Raquel. I pray rest and health over her body. I pray her spirit is lifted high this week. I pray for blessings over her family and especially over John. Guide them in all their doings and protect their hearts. You are THE creator of life! Give her doctor wisdom. Watch over that little miracle and let all things be for your glory! Amen! I love you Raquel :)