Thursday, January 29, 2009

Updates of sorts.

Today i went to my new ob/gyn's office for my first prenatal visit. my oh my i LOVED her she was great and thoroughgoing she talked to me about all my previous births, health history and just asked about my family. i was really nervous about this visit because i loved the doctor i had with Jake and she no longer accepts my insurance. so i had to be on the search i made appointments with 3 different doctors and i can cancel the others now because i really liked her.
the weirdest thing happened when she did the ultrasound nothing showed up. i have never had this happen so i was kind of worried she said "don't worry my ultrasound machine doesn't show until 5-6 weeks so you probably just aren't that far along yet. i hope she is right, she took my blood to check and see where my levels are and she will send me to another place for a more detailed ultrasound. you know before she came in to do the ultrasound i was praying over myself and this pregnancy and i felt so peaceful then this happened and i immediately began to worry and i had to remind myself f the things i just prayed and quickly calmed down. the Lord is so awesome!
i am still doing WW and in the 2 weeks i have been doing it i have lost 10.4 pounds. i am pretty happy with that i weigh in again tomorrow and my goal was to lose another 2-3 pounds but i don't think i did it this week i was very hungry his week and i didn't make the best choices, although i did stay in my point allowance. i am hoping to do WW until i am about 16 weeks but i am not sure i guess it depends when i start showing. i have been collecting extra point counters to try and do it even after i stop going but not sure how long it will last.
so that's it for today.
oh i picked up my pictures today so i can hang them tomorrow and take pictures to show you all.


  1. I love helpful doctors, they're awesome. :)
    Good luck with the weight loss!

  2. Glad to hear that you like your new doctor. It does make a big difference.

  3. So glad about your new doc. What a blessing. You are awesome. Anyone who can stay within their points on WW is amazingly disciplined in my book. (I haven't quite mastered it.)