Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Painting Lady

so everyone who knows me knows that i loathe painting! i would much rather scrub a toilet any day than paint a room...until i started spray painting things! i am loving spray painting right now it is giving everything such a spruced up look. I have recently got a few cute things at the thrift store that maybe didn't look great at the store but now look great to me. here is the first:

100_2096  now these aren't bad by any means but they didn't really "go" so i sprayed them with some black spray paint and put 2 of them in my entry way next to my $0.98 flower arrangement!


i also found this awesome metal basket thing that was so heavy and great quality. i think it was a few dollars a GREAT buy!


here it is after my $1 can of spray paint.


isn't it GREAT!? i bought some of those decorative ball filler things but i need to get some more to fill it more!


my entry still looks like it is missing something but i am not sure what other than a new counter top the one there is so unattractive.. oh well it is not the top of my priority list at the moment. and i promise my picture is not all dirty it is the way my camera flashed

just wait until you see my big reveal of my picture wall on Friday or Saturday (which ever day i pick up those last pictures)


  1. Your entry looks beautiful, good job!!

  2. the spray painted stuff looks great! Amazing what a can of paint can do.
    great looking entry!

  3. Totally impressed here. Now you have inspired me!!!!

  4. Great job and SO creative! Have you thought about painting the nook a little darker shade to set it off. I know you said you hate to paint, but it would just be a small section. Either way, it looks great!