Monday, December 15, 2008


Welcome! i am so glad you stopped by for the fabulous Boomama's tour of homes 2008 I am so excited because this is my first year in my new home and my first year participating. sit back, relax, oh and turn your volume on so you can hear my favorite Christmas carols. Welcome to sunny California if you haven't been before, you may need to have a drink or a snack because this may be my longest post ever with lots of pictures. here is my favorite party drink:

take a can of pineapple juice (the kind in that big aluminum can), a half of bottle of cranberry cocktail juice, and 3 cans of Fresca. make sure it is all chilled before you make it and just toss it all in a punch bowl. major yummy!

ok anyway on to the tour:

100_1184 first of all this is my mantle, and probably one of my favorites of the house, actually thanks to the previous owners who decided to skip out on there mortgage in the middle of the night and forgot some of there Christmas decor up in the attic., which included this little village and a bunch of other stuff i threw away that i am quite certain there grandchildren made. hey they took the light bulbs but forgot this so it is mine now!


here is a view from our entry way. our tree is a traditional tree this year with all of the ornaments the kids have made and we collected over the mil made that tree skirt for me a long time ago and there is still no tree topper. what? why is there 2 trees in the same room? well ladies i have this obsession with trees and i currently have 5 trees in my house so i display them all over, and a really weird thing is i hardly have any decor mostly ornaments i am thinking i need to invest in some decorations at some point.

oh here is the tree in the dark, from outside. this window is what originally drew me to this house and why i laid hands on the front door and prayed over it just 9 months ago, and now that it is mine i love it even more. and yes the neighbors i am sure thought i was odd when i introduced myself as Raquel the lady who is praying mightily to live in your neighborhood.


100_1324 nothing says Christmas like forcing the kids to sit by the tree and all look at the camera at the same time.  this may or may not have caused tears and a occasional scream or two, no children were harmed in this photo session, it came VERY close but really it was cool. oh and the lovely cords on the ground and my large diesel car scream we are KLASSY people right? and no those are not LED lights on my tree have you all seen the cost of those puppies?! my lord i would have to sell my Christmas story leg lamp to be able to afford those! yes my kids are wearing yellow they were going to a Christmas program where our school decided yellow was a great color to wear........ in December! no i am not bitter or anything just thankful i am homeschooling next year!

almost done people... oh you have worked up a appetite please sit down and have a snack.100_6551 how about a stuffed jalapeno? just take a pepper cut in half remove all seeds spoon in some cream cheese, wrap with a piece of bacon and bake until the bacon is nice and done. it is the yummiest party food. just wear gloves, or don't rub your a eye for a year because it might put a damper on the festivities!

100_1383 seriously they exist, the money tree that is! this was at my home yesterday someone blessed us with it! it had like $40 on it! oh that little Santa holds our cards, i have only got 4 cards so far this year! figuring i have not even sent mine yet i am hoping everyone is behind not just me this year.

i will leave you with just a few more pictures i hope you all enjoyed the tour. come back this week when i show some more pictures, Christmas activities, and the details to my cookie exchange which normally is filled up months in advance.


100_1431 my ruby mom tree!

100_1435 my Santa salt and pepper shakers i bought at the cracker barrel in Dallas a few months ago when i went for the mops convention

100_1436 my candy cane tree that my mother in law let me borrow this year

100_1437 and one of my favorite little snowmen


Blessings to you and i hope you all have  a great holiday season and really get to marvel in the awesomeness that our Lord sent his son here to this earth for EACH and everyone of us so that we could be saved.......... hallelujah and amen!


  1. It looks beautiful and cozy.

    I had no clue you were going to homeschool! Think of all the oney you're going to have left over!!! :) Wow--Rich and I have talked about it, but I'm just so scared to homeschool because I'm afraid I'll kill 'em! :)

  2. The S&P shakers are adorable!

  3. Thank you for a lovely tour of your home. The Santa S & P are a riot.

  4. The candy cane tree is the cutest! :)

  5. Oh I SO WISH I could really EAT one of your snacks right now!!!

    Hey - - - those Santas going down the chimney salt and peppers are a stitch!!!!

    Thanks for inviting me over.

    Merry Christmas

  6. Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing you have a beautiful family :)