Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the fall of 2008

so i am a klutzy person naturally i am not graceful i don't glide when i walk i always trip or slide or hit myself on things. but yesterday i was walking out of our mops meeting to put somethings in y car and i had Jake and i fell! REALLY hard i thought i broke my foot! i made it home rested my foot but it was getting worse so John came home and picked me up and took me to urgent care. well turns out it wasn't broke just a really nasty sprain. he said to stay off it for about a week and blah blah blah. are you kidding me?! i have done NOOOOO shopping yet for Christmas and my stupid foot needs t stay up?! no way i will be shopping this week at some point, i am praying it just feels better by tomorrow or Thursday. pray with me pleas. thanks!


  1. Raquel, I am so sorry! If you need any help let me know. My mom broke her foot one year about this time of year and had done NO Christmas shopping so I had to do it all for her. I am a good errand person!!!

  2. That sounds awful!! I am so sorry. From someone who has recently known the serious inconvenience of having to keep your feet up....I will definitely be praying for a miraculously fast recovery!!!!

  3. I'm sorry about your little accident, I hope it heals quickly. How's Jake, hope he didn't hurt himself.