Friday, December 12, 2008

bloggy business

so i changed a few things on my blog. i added some of my FAVORITE blogs i read on my side bar this is like 35 of 130 i read so these are the my must reads a few are friends but most are just good and funny. then there is a link to let you subscribe to my blog, i read all my blogs through google reader which is a really quick and easy way to not have to check everyday if your favorite blog has updated
also i added a link to Boomama's tour of homes that starts on Monday i cant wait to join in on the fun i have been waiting to show you all my decor so that i could show you for the event!
and lastly i turned the music on again and added some of my favorite Christmas songs the only one i couldn't find was "Mary did you know" i found it but none of them i loved enough to put on the ol' blog. so that is it just thought i would let you know =) have a good weekend!


  1. Wow!!! I made the list....I'm so honored! It was so great to see you guys tonight. I really do enjoy connecting with precious people from my past. It's so amazing to see what time and God do in and for a person. Hopefully next time we see you Rich is here! I miss him....

  2. Unlike the first Katie commenter who is grateful, I didn't see my name on the list my first scan through and was like, "Wha..." then I found it. Whew! You were almost in hot water, sister. :)