Wednesday, December 17, 2008


well i had a list of about 12 things i wanted to bake BUT my foot hurts, so i will get done what i can. John wanted some cinnamon rolls so i found this PW recipe oh my gosh they are rising right now but they look and smell so yummy! i am going to make my own frosting because i don't think i will like the maple one i will let you know how it goes here are a few pics!

 100_1455here is all my stuff on my counters just waiting to be baked. oh i have so much to do!

100_1458i bought this kitchen aid from a friend for $25! she didn't have room for it, which i thought was kind of weird who doesn't have room for a kitchen aid? oh her loss my gain! i love it, it is a little smaller than the one John got me and it is good for smaller batch items


100_1457here is the big one! isn't she pretty?! except i am having issues with her bowl, it is kin of sideways or something so it doesn't mix right! i may have to call kitchen aid!

100_1468 here are my cinnamon rolls right when i was done so they need to rise, they are not as pretty as PW's but they smell BOMB i cant wait to bake them! which i should do now, talk to you later

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  1. i have so been wanting to try that recipe. They look wonderful!