Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Week part 3!

this is going to be the longest series of posts EVER oh well it is my blog i will ramble if i want to =)

Christmas morning the kids were up around 7:30 which i thought was pretty good! We got up and opened presents and the kids loved all there gifts. We actually scaled way back this year each kid got a "big" gift, a game, clothes, and something o read. the boys got a couple extra things like hot wheels and crayons but Liz's stuff is so much more expensive, just wait if your kids are all preschoolers the list grows to expensive things. luckily our kids didn't even notice and they were very grateful for everything they got. 

100_1731Liz opening her stocking put her cap on right away, on her list were long socks she was SO excited!

100_1747 the picture explains to you how excited David was all morning over every present, especially this box of Lego's which were his big gift. my gravy have you all seen the price of Lego's lately? holy guacamole! he loved that i got him his red and black sweatshirt and his own bible he read it in the afternoon to "relax" lol

100_1748 Johnathan is our artistic and creative child and he wanted a drum set so bad, well i wasnt about to shell out $100 for a real set not knowing if he would like it so i looked high and low for one of those drum pad set things that look like a keyboard and couldn't find one so i found this percussion set and he LOVES it. he is already all of us into a band lol. Liz was really engrossed in her new digital camera in this picture.

100_1732 100_1742100_1753Jake got lots of books this year, he LOVES books and i was so sick of reading the same ones all the time so i think we bought him like 6 plus he got about 3 or 4 more so we have a lot of reading material. he loved his Elmo slippers and has been wearing them since Christmas eve only taking them off for bed.

100_1760 100_1761100_1766i got some great presents. Gifts are definitely my love language and John always spoils me. sometimes too much because man he got me a ton of stuff. i got a awesome Martha Stewart dutch oven, a new pair of uggs, a gift card to the mall, to Michaels for some frames i have been wanting to hang pictures in my house finally, and the kids each gave me a gift card to Target. oh and my stocking was full of cool stuff too.


are you tired yet? good because i am not done yet

after presents we cooked breakfast and the kids set the table, which they loved this is the boys new chore. Johnathan even set it for dinner that night too. John cooked bacon, and we made eggs, biscuits, fruit, and oj and milk. Johns parents and my mom came and ate with us it was a perfect morning.

100_1755 100_1757

i will give you a break and give you the rest of the day tomorrow because i need to go to bed!

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