Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Week part 2!

Christmas Eve John had to work. so the kids and i finished wrapping, baking and cooking. Every Christmas Eve we go over to my in-laws house and have dinner then open presents. This year our dinner was Mexican food i made Chile colorado which is basically pork simmered in a yummy Chile sauce it is so yummy! my sil made enchiladas and my mil provided the sides. here is some pics of the cute cookies Liz made

100_1658 100_1665 100_1666100_1667

I made another batch of cinnamon rolls they were so yummy! i definitely need to go on a major diet after the holidays!

the kids got some fun stuff for Christmas. David was SOOOOOO excited he got the one thing on his list that he wanted so bad if he only got one present it was this car that you can drive up the wall well my sil got it for him and he bugged all night to open it. my mil got the boys these cool car cases that are full of cars, and this popper guns things that they played alllllll day today! Jake got some of the cutest stuff he got a little people set, a little people ride on car thing, and the cutest build a bear that has a nascar outfit that he is afraid of lol, Jake is so cute to watch this year he is so into opening the presents. liz got some boots that i think she only took off to take a shower, she got some games, scrap-booking stuff and some other cool stuff.


100_1675 100_1672

after we left we drove around and looked at some Christmas lights then came home and the kids opened there presents to one another and they opened there one present that they get to open on Christmas eve which is new pj's.


it is kind of hard to get everyone to pose for a picutre when they are excited for Santa to come. we read a story and headed off to bed so Santa could come.



Santa came and left the boys a scooter, Jake a little Einstein toy and Liz some cool dresses.

oh and i forgot to mention my brother came by right before bed and brought the kids presents WELL he brought Johnathan a scooter, he didnt call and ask what Santa was bringing lol!


then i said "good night" that was a looooong day!


  1. I love mexican food for Christmas dinner!

  2. Ryan almost got 2 scooters, too! Uncle Greg didn't check with Grandma to see who was getting what, so Grandma took hers back (even though it cost HALF of the one Uncle Greg bought!)