Thursday, December 11, 2008

back to the normal life

so i am done voting... i didn't win but that is OK i did win a package of photo stamps. so 10 days of voting and get a pack of photo stamps!! yeah i am not bitter or anything
so 14 days until Christmas are you ready? no your not? good me either. i haven't bought one thing yet... i know you are all shocked! hopefully i will get to shop in the next week or so!
one of my favorite things to do during the holidays well actually even when it is not holidays is to host things in my home. starting with thanksgiving these are the things we are hosting in our home this year
  1. thanksgiving
  2. couples Christmas party
  3. cookie exchange
  4. Christmas for my family on Christmas night
  5. Christmas for Johns family the Saturday after Christmas
  6. and probably new years eve!

and i love it! i like to get my house all nice and clean because you all know we don't clean as well unless we know someone might look in the closet. i love to have everyone over and play games, eat good food and laugh. and really isn't that what the holidays are all about?!

i am really trying to make our holidays fun with experiences and memories for the kids and us as a family. we have been playing games, watching movies and hanging out.

i need to start baking that will be next week i want to share with you all how i run my cookie exchange it is so fun and one of my very favorite holiday traditions!

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  1. Oh. We wouldn't get along. I like to host things too! Hee hee. I'm so happy for you--I know what a blessing it is to host things, I'm a wacko about it too. My mom and I are shopping today and I'm going to get ingredients to begin holiday baking...yeah. I HATE baking. I love cooking...not so much baking. It will be fun with mommy though.