Monday, September 8, 2008


to say that i love mops is quite a understatement! i mean i really love it, i love those moms and i don't even know most of them. i love the fact that we get to minister to moms at the most important times of there lives when they are raising there kids. and to be able to equip them with knowledge from speakers, encouragement from another mom, prayers from a mentor mom, or just a laugh and a smile from another mom wow what a awesome opportunity we have!
this is my 4Th year being the coordinator at my group and i truly think God has placed me in this ministry for a reason and until he tells me it is time to move on i hope to continue doing it. sometimes people say change is good and by all means i am one of those weird people who love change BUT when god tells you to stay put, you stay put and until he tells me to move i am not moving. my first year as coordinator i think we had 30 something moms in our group and on Monday at our first meeting for the year we had 66 i think! wow and so many were new too! i hope they all love it and get what they need from our group. that is sometimes the hard part you want everyone to love it as much as you do and usually that is not the case. but i think the ladies all really enjoyed it and i have about 11 women on a waiting list! praise God!
we have some cool things planned for this year and a few of my favorites are a couples night at the end of the year where we are having a couple who are pastors at one of our churches come speak on marriage, and we are having a nice dinner for all the couples. we have some great speakers on everything from the personality types of children, discipline, menu planning etc... and a really cool thing we are starting on the off weeks of mops is a women's bible stud geared specifically to moms of young kids. our first study is "stepping up" by Beth Moore, i cant wait!

mops has been a huge blessing in my life and has helped me through so much and the thing that stands out the most was when Matthew passed away they were all there to support me, lend a ear, or a helping hand or a hot meal for our grieving family. how awesome my friend described what i see mops as perfectly the other day she said it is a community of women. i couldn't have said it better. a community of women helping one another out through the adventure of motherhood. i am so glad i have them all to go through it with!


  1. I SOOOOOOO feel you on this! God truly gave me a heart for mothers. It's my passion. I run the moms group at our church and do all of the work for it as my "down time." It energizes me so much and I absolutely love it. So many people comment on how much work it must be to arrange speakers and outings with the kids and type up rosters and what-not but it's not work for me. It's SO fun.

    Just one more thing we have in common, sweet friend!

  2. 66 moms!!! THat is so awesome Raquel, it is going to be a great year for MOP's!

  3. I'm excited for you all! I miss MOPS. I believe God is going to do wonderful things in your MOPS group.

  4. Yay for MOPS!!! I was waiting for your MOPS post!

    You have a big group, too- we have between 80 and 90 moms at our meetings, and we're kind of stuck for a couple of extra table leaders right now if you think to pray for God to send some our way. All of us steering ladies have to sit in the back of the room to make space for new moms.

    Only 17 days til convention, woot woot!!! I went shopping for my "trekking" shoes today and found some super comfy Skecher mary janes. My birthday is October 7th so this whole trip is like a birthday gift for me and my hubby sent me shopping for some new clothes to wear on the trip. Did I mention it will be my first time on an airplane?

    Is your group doing anything right after convention? The six of us in our group are going to Six Flags- I can't wait! It will be my first time ever, as an adult, with no kids at an amusement park. Roller coasters here I come!!!