Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Jake

So Jake is 15 months now (that reminds me i need to call and schedule a check up) anywho he is 15 months old and he has been getting into EVERYTHING. just yesterday he dropped a bag of beans all over the kitchen, took a bunch of books off the book shelf and unfolded about 4 loads of clean and folded laundry waiting to be put away

so i like to keep him locked in the family room see:

oh i kid... kind of. i do have a baby gate in here to keep him in with us. well here he is pulling my book through the gate right after he unfolded all that laundry


i told you the boy is a on a path to destroy my house

but really look how cute he is!

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  1. He is such a cutie and such a big boy!! Have a good weekend.
    By the way when does MOPS start?

  2. Who could get mad at that face? He's a DOLL baby! :-D Let him come play with me one day when the kids are in school so you can have a morning to yourself. Seriously!

  3. He UNFOLDED 4 loads of laundry. That is by far my biggest pet peve :) I get so upset every time the kids unfold even a single shirt! :)

    But I would still have to kiss those chubby lips :)

  4. Aaaahahahaha...we have one of those, too! Baby gates are wonderful things, aren't they?
    We call our 18 month old "Gabeus Maximus Destructus" and he is also very fond of unfolding stacks of clothing!