Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Has it really been a week?!

since i lasted posted! i don't believe it! our lives have been sorta busy with a million practices, school, mops, bible study, church, etc. etc. you get it right? here is a little update on the last week:
  • well are 3 big kids are playing soccer which officially takes up our Saturday's! they are also swimming on a competitive team. Liz has swam for about 8 months and now our boys are swimming decent so we signed them up, it is a year around team so in hopes they wouldn't get burnt out of swimming we let them play soccer. they like it pretty well but there teams are so-so, all of you who know me know i am very competitive so it is hard for me to lose but they are having lots of fun! so we have practices 4 nights a week (they do 1 soccer and 3 swim) and game on Saturday's. luckily soccer is only like 8 weeks then we will just be doing swim!
  • this week our church started a mom's bible study on the off Monday's of MOPS it is the Beth Moore study "stepping up" i am very excited about it i think it is just what i need.
  • John and I went on a date! it was so fun we went to have dinner, the place we wanted to go was closed so we ended up at macaroni grill which i don't normally like but it was SO good! i had a filet with a wild mushroom risotto. we then went to wash my car (i know we are exciting people) and to target!
  • i am SOOOOOOOO excited Dan won big brother tonight! i am a big fan of the show and he was one of my faves from the beginning.
  • i am equally as thrilled that biggest loser started tonight too although i haven't watched yet so don't tell me anything =)
  • i have been following the holiday grand plan in order to get ready for Christmas. and i love it. i have done my entry way and a few of the list so far. i am hoping that i can stick with it and get some stuff organized in a orderly fashion instead of a frenzy at the last second before holiday parties. i cant get the link to come up at the moment but i have some more posts planned so hopefully it will be working right then.
  • Jake had a well baby visit and he weighs a whopping 29 pounds and 14 ounces! can you believe that he is huge!!!!

OK so enough about my life! what is going on with you?

oh one last thing, i am going to Dallas in 2 weeks for the MOPS convention! i love going to these they are so fun. we are taking 4 leaders and it should be awesome!

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  1. I soooooooo wish I were going!! Hope you have TONS of fun!