Wednesday, September 3, 2008

big foot

see this boy?
he has the biggest feet i have ever seen! they are so fat. i have tried to find shoes that fit him since he was so little. i even bought wide widths at payless they wont velcro! i finally found a pair of crocs for him to wear and i balked at the $25 price tag, they barely fit in the width then he wore them the next sunday to church and some how lost one! UGH... so John and i went on a date a week or so ago and it was next to a stride rite so went in and bought Jake a pair of size 5 double wide shoees, did anyone know they made shoes in double wide? i sure didn't well guess what? they did not fit! so i had to go back and take him in to try on shoes, he ended up a double wide in a size 6, he is 1!!! but now he has cute shoes and they only cost me $55! i dont pay that for my shoes. he will where these until the soles fall out
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  1. Ryan's feet were always a double extra wide. I asked for gift cards to Stride Rite for every birthday and Christmas and bought him ONE pair of shoes. They were So expensive. At 4 years old, I just bought him his first pair of non-Stride Rite shoes from Target. I squeezed his big ol' feet right in them! :)