Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what is on my DVR

as we speak....
  1. dinner:impossible
  2. America's next top model
  3. Rachael ray
  4. cops
  5. project runway
  6. Republican national convention
  7. 90210
  8. dog the bounty hunter

clearly i am a diverse woman?!

did you all watch Sarah Palin give her speech tonight? it was REALLY good. i was not a fan up until tonight and now i feel she is a good choice. i said good not the best. i did not understand and still don't a little why a woman with 5 children one of them being very young would want to run for the vice president of the USA seriously i mean she is making us all look bad i can barely fold and put away the laundry and cook dinner all in the same day and here she is able to be the second in command of our country? oh i kid. we all know a mom is the best multi tasker around....

i don't have a policy about not talking about politics on my blog. because. well. and i can talk about whatever i want right. although i wont make it a often occurrence because i mean that would be boring. although i am kind of a news/Internet/talk radio junkie at the moment. i want to be able to make the most well informed decision i can for the future of my family and my country. i don't get why you are not supposed to talk politics? i mean really aren't we all moms who worry about the same things; gas prices, health care, the economy, college, the war etc? so why is it we cant talk about it? so weird to me.

well i know i will be praying about who is going to take the office of presidency and i hope you are too no matter who you are voting for...

oh and about the TV. yesterday on the view nkotb were on! i mean serious who would of thought after so many years i would have saw that boy i had the biggest crush on and i swore i would marry and me and my best friend Penny (whom my dad would call quarter because he said she was too big to be a penny) would play house and pretend we were traveling on the tour bus with our famous hubbies Joey and Jordan. shut it you know you did it too.....

you got the right stuff....

didn't i blow your mind this time? didn't i ohhh baby oh.. any how off the nkotb trip down memory lane i have reality TV to watch and laundry to fold if i am ever going to be president of the USA

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