Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jake's changing....

he is turning into a stinky boy. i was afraid this would happen. going from my easy going boy to this:

you know when you don't get your way get mad and frustrated.
when a teddy graham falls and you only have one instead of one in both hands, yell.
ripping things off the bookshelf that i just put up!
when someone gets the toy you wanted it, take it away and throw it at them.
yup the time has come at the ripe old age of 14 months that things start to change.
i want him to stay little.
one of things i love about this age is:

the curiosity of a 1 year old. he loves to say "oh" and discover new things. right now he is staring out the window and the electric company guys trimming the tree in our backyard and he hasn't moved for 20 minutes. oh wait he is getting up gotta go
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  1. My little guy is close to 14 months too and has decided when he is mad he needs to flip everything upside down. His ride on car being flipped is pretty dramatic but he is trying to top that with flipping over chairs. I hope he grows out of it before he actually has the strength to succeed!

  2. Sounds like the adventures never end! (o: By the way, I just checked out your last kitchen post and totally drooled over your cabinets!

  3. Ok, Jake used to look like Liz. Now he's a spitting image of David and Johnathan. Time to have another baby! :-)