Monday, August 4, 2008


i love worship music! love it, i will listen to the same Matt Redman CD over and over and over ask my kids and my hubby! well you all have to go to my playlist and listen to the first song. if you haven't heard it (this particular version) you are missing out! it is AMAZING! i seriously cried the first time i heard this version, it is that good! of course i love all the music on that side bar but this song is beautiful. great job Selah! i typed that like they read my blog LOL.


  1. My kids know this song son used to sing all of the words when it first came out (he was 2) and everyone was shocked...he didn't pronounce all of the words correctly, but to this day, it's still "his song."

    FYI...they're singing along to it on your blog as we speak! They just ran in from the other room. This is a great version!

  2. Why have I never listened to your playlist?!?!!? My church sings "Jesus Paid It All" and I've never thought to search for it online. That version is just as powerful as we sing at church...I just sat here with my eyes closed, worshiping. I'm adding that to my playlist on my blog RIGHT NOW!