Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend update

well we had a fun weekend. other than the fact that are pool looks a little on the green side so the kids could not swim at all. the pool guy came on Friday and yesterday it looked a little better but it tricked us and took a turn for the worse today. our guy will be back today to hopefully fix it for good.
Friday night we went to Costco to get John a BBQ grill he had been drooling over for quite a while. he is so excited for it, it has a ton of space for when we get some work done around here and actually invite people over for a BBQ we can cook a lot at once. it even has a cute little fridge... what is that? you wanna see pictures? WELL i can not find my camera cord, i have bought 2 and neither one fit! i hope to go to best buy today and find the right one. i am dying with out my pictures =) oh not dying bit you know what i mean.
Saturday i stayed home pretty much all day to clean my house because i threw myself a little birthday party . we played nerts and may i (which i had never played but i loved!) i seriously love games!!!! and i won at both =) which makes it all the better. i love hanging out with friends it was a great time, my niece came over and watched the kids in the playroom so we could play uninterrupted and it was perfect i will def. be doing that again. Saturday afternoon Liz got home from a week away at came, i was so glad to see here. i really enjoy her company she is a lot of fun now that she can carry on conversation that aren't about barbies and coloring. the boys missed her so much. Saturday was a good day!
Sunday we went to church, and then i worked a mops booth to sign ladies up for the year. we should have a great year and i am so excited about all that we are doing. we are hoping to have 70-80 moms this year! God is so goo we started our group 5.5 years ago and with 23 ladies half of which were steer team and table leaders, the lord has definitely blessed our group. last night we just hung out and watched the Olympics and i was feeling a little sick.
today i woke up with a full blown head cold! aye yi yi............


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  2. Happy late birthday! The party sounds ike it was great fun!