Sunday, July 20, 2008

Has it really been 6 years?

since this little guy was born?! David was born 6 years ago today and he sure did make a exciting entrance. i had been at home cleaning and went into labor i went to the hospital and i was bleeding a lot, so much they had to do a emergency c-section.John did not even get to go in because they had to completely knock me out to deliver him quickly. it took about 2 minutes, later the doctor said had he stayed in 5 minutes longer he would not have made it and if i would not have got to the hospital when i did i would probably not have either. i had to have 2 blood transfusions after having him1 praise god that all was OK. we had no digital camera back then so i don't have any pictures unless i scanned them in and well that would require finding the pictures and going to the printer. oh well. trust me he was gorgeous! had black hair and the most gorgeous lips still does although he smiles and doesn't show them very well. he weighed in at 8 pounds and 9 ounces and 20 inches long. so here is my 6 things about David
1. he is my kids who loves to cuddle, even now he will crawl up on my lap.
2. he idolizes his dad! i mean really you would think John hung the moon, funny i feel the same way =)
3. he is very serious most of the time, he sticks his tongue out to the side when he is concentrating
4. he loves to take things apart and rebuild them legos, blocks, bikes, anything that has screws.......
5. he likes to be outdoors, even when it is a thousand degrees he would rather be in the pool, or riding his bike and skateboard
6. he loves other people he is compassionate like his sister, fun like me, serious like John, crazy like Johnathan, and cuddly like Jake.

we love you David i cant wait to see you continue to grow and become the person God is growing you to be!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I enjoyed reading about your little man here. I am sorry for your loss of Matthew.

    I see from your profile that one of your interests is you attend currently? I have been in MOPS going on 4 years- first year in general population, as it were, next 2 years as a group leader, and this year I'll be doing TLC, also called hospitality by most groups. We have TLC and hospitality with different duties. I'd love to hear about your mops group! I did a post recently (under picture posts on my blog) about our leadership retreat in June.