Friday, July 18, 2008

the most exciting day of my life!

OK well i am exaggerating a bit but it sure is up there! remember Monday when my kitchen cabinet were being installed? well they are done, and tonight John finished the appliance installation. i bought my 3 appliances (stove, dishwasher, and microwave) on Craig's list brand new in the box with warranty information and everything still sealed in the box and they look great! they go perfect with my fridge except they are not the same brand but whatever know one will notice and if they do i really don't care... so with no further waiting here are a few final pictures....oh before you look at these remember the before pictures

i met with a lady today regarding counter tops has anyone heard of quartz? she said that they look like granite but do not have re-seal them ever, they don't crack, chip, or fade? the price is almost the same but the upkeep is easier? i am not sure what i want. so since i have a kitchen i had to cook something right. i made a pasta salad and some brownies! i took pictures i was so excited that i could make something that wasn't cooked on a grill, griddle, or foreman grill. i swear i never want to see any of those things again for a very long time!

seriously these brownies are so good, lots of walnuts! nothing is better

i made this pasta salad for Liz for tomorrow's swim meet. it is the last county swim meet and there will be like 500 swimmers competing. i seriously wish i could eat carbs like this and not gain like 25 pounds but oh well a 10 year old who swims 2 hours a day can ....... this is what i did

whatever you got pasta salad

2 boxes of pasta (i used whole wheat rotini, and bowtie)

i shredded 2 carrots from in my fridge

1 can of green and 1 can of black olives ( i usually just use black but the green looked good at the store i will let you know how it is)

some cauliflower chopped up

sliced salami that i cut up

and some Italian dressing (i used albertsons brand but usually buy Bernstein's Italian)

toss and refrigerate, in the morning i will add some cubed cheddar cheese and add a little more dressing. yummy.

i have added broccoli, different pastas, different dressings, tomatoes, turkey, ham, chicken etc. it is all great just do what you like.


  1. WOW your kitchen looks amazing!!! What a great ending to your long awaited remodel.

  2. your kitchen looks beautiful!!!!!!!!


  3. Hello.
    Got here through Big Mama.
    Wanted to share that we sued Wilsonart Laminate countertops and I am very pleased.

  4. Wow...sorry, what I meant was that we USED Wilsonart Laminate countertops.Sorry for the typo!!!
    I have never sued anyone! LOL!

  5. Oh I LOVE your fridge!!! I want one just like that. OUr fridge is tiny and has no light and no bottom drawers- I have to keep produce in plastic tubs and the stuff in the doors is kept in place with masking tape, haha!

  6. Absolutely stunning! I am so excited for you and how everything is comming together.

    And of course, brownies HAVE to be one of the first things you make :) I could really use some right now and it's only 9am :)