Monday, July 21, 2008

God has a sense of humor right?!

of course he does!!! for example i am probably one of the most tidy people i know, i like everything in it's place and a place for everything (is that how that saying goes?) well tomorrow night i am hosting a planning meeting for my mops group leadership! yup you heard that right the lady with no counter tops, not unpacked, and hardly anything hung on the walls! i started to stress today and John reminded me that it doesn't really matter about what things looks on the outside my FRIENDS are not going to care at all! and you know what there not, no one is going to walk in and proclaim "wow Raquel haven't done much have you?"
God has been speaking to my heart about hospitality in the last few months, inviting people over and enjoying there company. which normally i love to do. but now, right at this moment Lord? when i do not have things done? oh yes he is and when he speaks i cant not listen. so this week i am hosting 1 of 2 planning meetings, 2 friends and there kids over to swim and i am thinking of inviting one of our friend's over to play games this coming weekend. and you know what? i doubt anyone will care about those little things. and just think the next time they come over how different the house will look?
OH and one last thing about entertaining and being hospitable, sometimes i hesitate inviting people over because i do not want to leave anyone out and i don't feel like hosting 20 moms and all their kids. well i need to get over it, i can invite just a few people over and invite the others at a later time right? i want to enjoy my friends not spread myself too thin in my entertaining.....
and in the words of the nester


  1. Good points, Raquel. Your friends come over to see YOU, not your house.

  2. A welcoming home is more important, in my book, than a clean one. You are such a sweetheart and you are the one they want to see.

    We are all a work in progress, so let God work on you in this area.

    I know it will be a blessing!!!