Thursday, June 5, 2008

house info

OK so we have been working on the house 2 weeks tomorrow. we have had several setbacks:
  • when gutting the kitchen a unexplained gas line was found in the wall we needed down 2 days later of working on it ll day it was fixed.
  • when ripping out the carpet the previous owners apparently used the old carpet as a cat box and the floor was so stinky all the way to the wood!
  • 2 major breakers needed replaced which led to a whole new electrical panel.
  • we have seriously bought 33+ GALLONS of paint!
  • the vacuum motor on the pool was toast so we need to replace that
  • the drywall / texture on in the family room took much longer than expected.
  • the cabinets will not be in until the end of June, no cabinet= no kitchen, no sink, no real food.....
  • the carpet guys were 8 hours late
  • we had ants BAD!
  • 4 broken windows

so here is the things we have done (when i say we, i mean John, his dad, mom, bil, and friend Josh):

  • replaced the handles
  • ripped out the whole kitchen
  • taken out all flooring
  • painted every bedroom and family room
  • yard cleaned up
  • pool is blue instead of green
  • drywalled
  • ripped out all window blinds
  • all new fans and lighting
  • had new carpet put in
  • fixed the windows
  • scraped a ceiling
  • put in a new window in kitchen

today i moved half if the house while John was at work, with all 4 kids, by myself! it is looking good. it is kind of funny you walk in to shambles, no formal living room, dining, kitchen or hall, but then everything else is done. John is hoping to finish the kitchen tomorrow so they can paint this weekend and then lay the wood floors on Monday. tomorrow we will sleep there because the TV is there =) and the Internet will be hooked up. so in 2 weeks there has been a lot accomplished, especially after so many set backs. God is so good, he takes care of us so well and has blessed me with a awesome hubby who will go work all day then go straight to the house to work.

the ac guys started today (we have to add a second unit to the house the first one is too small and the electric bill would be crazy) and the roofers will be starting next week. i cant wait to show you some pictures. which i plan to do tomorrow after i organize the family room


  1. Popping in for a visit. Wow! You are making progress on your house, girl!

  2. So exciting. Its so hard to live in a house while you are remodeling but everything seems to be moving along so well!