Tuesday, June 10, 2008

all moved in

and when i say moved in i use that term very loosely!
we were on a very tight schedule we needed to be out by yesterday so that my sister could move back in to our old house. well that resulted in enlisting some help. and my brother he likes to just put everything in stack it to the ceiling and get on to the next load. although i am so thankful for the help no way we could have done it otherwise in the short time.

this is our formal living room/temporary kitchen/ storage area.
this is a test of our patience well more for me. i am trying to smile and grin and bear it but this is very hard for me. but by the end of the week all the work should be done! yup i said done.......with the exception of the kitchen cabinets but we have no control over that they are being made as i type.

remember what i said about the moving? oh lordy insane

just trying to keep it real this is the room my 10 year old helped moved.

this is the stuff from my kitchen shoved in a corner. i can not wait for my kitchen
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  1. How exciting Raquel, you guys are doing so much work! You have really gotten so much done in a few short weeks, it will be over before you know it! Call if you need help!

  2. Maybe you can hire an assistant like Carrie did in the SATC movie (when she moves back to her apartment and is overwhelmed). Good luck