Wednesday, June 4, 2008

alot happens in a year

i can not believe this was us a year ago already! today is Jake's birthday and wow it has flown by!

ahh look at Jake after one of his first baths

and look at him tonight! isn't he huge!

so huge he is walking around!

Jake- I can not even begin to say the joy you have brought into all of our lives. We love you so much. you are a sweet boy with a warm, laid back, mellow disposition. and you have the cutest smile. i always say you are my favorite, not because i love you more but because you have taught me that i can just sit and play and through everything that has happened with the passing of Matthew i have learned life can go in the blink of a eye.

i pray that God keeps you safe all of your days, that he speaks to your heart as you get older. that you will always have a loving spirit. that you will be compassionate and kind and that we will be the parents you need us to be.

Jake loves so many things right now so here are a few:
Liz, David, Johnathan
Nana (grandma)
Gerber graduates freeze dried yogurts bites
nap time
being outside
bouncy balls
bath time

We love you Jake Happy Birthday!!!!

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  1. Oh, happy birthday sweet baby boy!! You are so loved! :-)

  2. Happy birthday Jake! It's just crazy how fast time goes and how big they get. I'm getting so close to having this next little one and I'm looking at Abe wondering when he got so big. And I know that as soon as I have this baby he is going to be monsterous to me.

    He is such a little cutie!