Thursday, May 29, 2008

renovating on a budget!

so i have had lots of emails asking if we were doing the work or hiring out? so i thought i would let you all in our remodeling project. we are hiring out some things but that is only for things we absolutely can not do or would take so much more time for us to do. So far the things we have hired for is the yard work, the pool, the carpet, and the cabinets. oh and the other day i hired some guys to clean up some tile mess that seriously would have taken John, his dad and his bil ALL day to do and for the $150 we paid for and the guy did it in a couple of hours!
we (and when i say we i mean John) have done the demo, the electrical, moving gas lines, drywall, sheet rock, fixing a crack in the ceiling, carpet removal, painting, scraping ceilings, and the list goes on. I am very lucky in the fact that John is very handy and can do most things on his own, and if he cant his dad can probably do it! We have a VEEEEEERY small budget for this remodel and i am sure we will run out of cash before we run out of projects to finish.
we still have to hire someone to do the AC ( we need a second small unit and some duct work), and the roof. but John is still going to finish painting and installing wood floors, and doing some more electrical. ad I am sure many more things. the few things we will hire for later is to re tile the kids 2 bathrooms. and if we had unlimited cash flow we would hire for a painter! we HATE painting!!! hate it, luckily John's dad doesn't hate it as much as us so he is going to help.
the really cool thing to see is how God always provides for our needs. some things have obviously come up that we never expected, or cost more than we budgeted but he is always providing other things that give us some extra cash or the price is lowered on other things. God is so good!!!!

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  1. Isn't God awesome like that?! We've seen Him do the same things recently with our own finances. The house is looking great. Way to renovate!