Thursday, May 29, 2008

family room

so this is the family room of the new house this is my favorite room the walls on the right and left are all windows! the right side has french doors that go out to the pool and the left looks out to the front yard. with that being said the wall is just weird that the picture is of! it had some built in shelves and a hole that looked in to the "game room" which will be our master bedroom later on down the road

here is the wall without the shelves, and the room with out the carpet. i know you all love the red sticky tile floors.
and here it is as of yesterday already looks better doesn't it? today it even looks better because all the seams are filled and some other stuff i have no idea what it is, is done! tomorrow John will texture the walls so we can paint!!!
oh and the room to the side is a laundry room! i am so excited to have a laundry room in every house we have lived in the laundry has been done in the garage.
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