Thursday, May 22, 2008

phase 1

the house closed!!!! yeah we are so excited. within hours of closing this baby as smacked on. did i tell you it had termites, yeah it did! I hired a gardener to clean out the flower beds, trim the trees and take out some hideous plants that were there. it already looks way better. i will take pictures tomorrow done i go check it out and the gardeners will be done.

this is the front of the house i love the curved driveway it is one of my favorite things about the house. doesn't it go well with the stripes

this is the old garage, which is now a bedroom/studio all attached to the house. at first it will be the master until we get the game room turned into a master then this will become my craft room (which i haven't crafted in forever!!) or my home school room (i don't even home school..... yet)

backyard, this is also the patio covered with the lovely tent. you can kind of see my green pool too
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  1. Oh no, termites!!!

    Love that black and white pic of your kids below!