Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kitchen Demo.

so we were able to enter the house last night. and John spent no time getting to work!
this is the kitchen before as seen from the corner of the eat-in part of the room. i hated that border and the sofets (sp?)

and this is the view of the kitchen from the dining room. i LOVE the crown molding on the top of the wall, it is the original (we think) and was one of my favorite things about the house

and this is the view after the TORE THE WALL DOWN between the 2 rooms! we were hoping it would open up the space and it did so far! see they left a beam to keep my molding (thanks Johnnie, I love you!)

this is the view from the eat-in part now.
they did have one major thing, when they started tearing the wall down, they noticed a gas pipe in the wall it wasn't connected to anything but needed to be moved in order to take down the wall, that took them (my brother in law, John's dad, and John) several trips to the store and most of the day. but it is done now and tomorrow they are putting in some new windows and dry wall in the kitchen there was seriously like 8 different wallpapers on the walls in there! mt bil spent most of the day in the attic or under the house since he was the only one thin enough to move under there LOL! John anted to do this first because he figured once he did there would be no turning back.
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  1. wow! You guys are doing a ton of work :) It's going to look great and I can't wait to see it. that crown molding is beautiful, I would want to keep it too.

  2. That is quite a renovation project! We will have to share lessons along the way. My first is work gloves! Are you guys doing most of the work? We are just doing demolition, the rest is contracted out.