Thursday, May 29, 2008

more about the week

Liz has the best teacher! I am so sad we will not have her as a teacher next year because she is really great.
she does really cool things and today was sure not to disappoint. the kids got to go on a surprise filed trip and she had rented a limo for them to go check out the town for a hour or so! the kids were so excited some of the girls even looked as if they were going to cry

Jake other than walking is still not feeling well i am taking him to the doctor tomorrow, it has been too long for him to still have a flu!

summer is coming i love summer fruits! and that is the only thing i love about summer because i hate to be hot

i cooked dinner in the crock pot and took it to the house so the guys could eat while they worked they loved it it was so yummy!

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