Monday, April 14, 2008

the house.

so did I tell you all we found the house of our dreams (well kind of but it needs LOTS of work) the price was higher than we want to spend (oh about $50,000+) so we put a bid on it and wayyyy under what they were asking in hopes of meeting somewhere in the middle. so they countered back very high and we countered again... well today i get a call from the realtor saying they are excepting our offer (which was still really low) WHAT I was so excited i was going to cry, i called John he was excited i called a few friends and they were excited! OK you get the point i think =)
so about half an hour after the realtor calls he calls back and says there was a mistake and the bank thought we were excepting there countered offer..... WHAT, oh my Granny back the truck up. that's not allowed right, the bank can not change its mind. well apparently so because the information we heard was a verbal agreement not a paper one and the bank guy felt very bad and hopefully we will hear tomorrow and it will b in writing and will be a offer we cant refuse!!!

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