Sunday, April 13, 2008

lets try this again.......

so I am finally posting my fashion fiesta post. I have purposefully not looked at one fashion post because I don't want to read them and think oh I was just going to say that and then not end up writing a post because i thought everything was already said. anyway let me start out by saying:
  1. i am not a very fashionable person in real life BUT i watch a lot of TV, and read magazines, and read blogs etc. so i know a lot about fashion trends but chose not to follow many, in hopes that at some point my fashion statement of men's old navy pajama bottoms and old t shirts will some how come to the cutting edge fashion trend and then all my friends will know i knew what i was talking about all along.
  2. i hope i post the pictures right because blogger has been giving me issues lately with pictures.
  3. i am plus sized and the fashion trends that may look good on the stars on TV would never work for me.

OK so lets get started with my basic fashion statement (other than the pj pants and t-shirt)

it is the jean (preferably boot cut, and darker wash) and a basic fitted shirt. but the shirt I wear is our mops shirt, they have our church's mops logo on the top see it?? OK i also wear Adidas running shoes (although i have never ran in them) and huge glasses. I seriously wear this out fit EVERYWHERE, really i have the shirt in several colors red, white, black, green, fuchsia (not a good color on me) and 2 purple ones. seriously it is sad i know. for variety I wear flip flops some days too.

i rarely wear Capri's because i once heard Stacy and Clinton say shorts and Capri's are not good on most people and they cut your leg and make it look short so i haven't worn them much since then. and I am 5'11 so i don't know why i care if my leg looks shorter or not. and I live in the hottest part of the earth I mean California in a valley that easily reaches 105+ most of the summer but i am all about good fashion choices and i wear jeans all summer (or dumb take your choice)

and shoes i have the hardest time finding shoes because I wear between a size 11-12 and you cant find them very often. although payless carries them but it is always the ugly grandma shoes or the once with a huge skinny heel. like anyone wants to see a 5'11 amazon looking woman with a size 12 shoe wobbling around on a 3 inch heel where it obviously has not been secured well and her ankles are shaking because they 12.99 shoes are about to fall out from under her like toothpicks holding up a building. any who as you can see i have issues with shoes. these are the shoes currently in my closet with the exception of my Adidas probably because i had them on or something.

and shirts oh ladies shirts are a problem of there own because if you are tall one wash and dry you could look like a wanna be Britney on her way to a custody hearing. and as we all have learned we should not follow the fashion faux pas of Britney especially if you are a size 14 or larger. or a size 00 or over 18 or under 17.....

OK so real quick since this post is long already these are the top 5 things i think the plus size girl should avoid

  1. spaghetti straps- most plus size girls need more support for the girls if you know what i need than a spaghetti strapped tank can handle.
  2. hipster/low rise jean- really i think most people should avoid these especially if you have given birth EVER because we all know that pooch does not go away on the belly.
  3. too busy of fabrics, especially all over print is not very attractive try to stick to solids or one piece with prints and the rest basic
  4. the wrong accessories i think a lot of times bigger girls tend to wear to small of accessories and they look like we raided our 9 year olds jewelery box. we can get away with chunky jewelry so wear it proudly.
  5. and the biggest mistake I think us plus size ladies do is wear our clothes too big!!! bigger clothes that don't fit properly do not look good and actually make us look bigger ladies!

and lastly my top 3 favorites

  1. a great pair of jeans lane Bryant has these right fit jeans that are made to fit your body I war yellow which basically means i am straight from the waist down (meaning i have chicken legs and no booty)

  2. good accessories whether it be a great purse, jewelry or glasses, accessories are most females best friend and you can get them rather cheap! (oh my glasses are big, this is one area I think the bigger the better!)

  3. clothes that fit right, and i know I have already touched on this but it really is vital. too many of us are dressing in the wrong sizes some to big some too small nuff said!

oh and really the last thing if money was no object i would probably splurge on some very expensive shoes and handbags that would last forever.!!!!!

so for more great post go visit Big Mama


  1. I too am plus sized and found some of your tips the same as mine! Also, at your height I think you could definitely rock the capris! Go for it! (o:

  2. Great tips! I absolutely agree with what you said. I am plus size petite and just don't want to look shorter. Comfort no matter what IS key.


  3. You are cute as can be. Great tips! I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I hope you will come and visit my fashion fiesta!

  4. I love your sense of humor. You had me laughing!