Friday, August 24, 2007

where I have been....

well mostly home but busy, we started school the kids loved it. David (5) loved his teacher and all his friend, Liz (9) of course loved it she is the one who counts down the days until school starts the first day of summer. we also started soccer practices for both kids. i keep meaning to blog, but figure I will do it in the evening, well this week i have been so tired at night since I get up early... oh well
I have tons of posts I have been jotting down ideas for and I cant wait to share especially with school , soccer, and MOPS coming up I need to put blogging on the schedule. oh speaking of schedules i said i would post mine so here you go: I will probably still do some tweaking but it seemed to work good for this week, so it may stay, anyways here it is:

I think I finally figured out a routine that would best suit my time hopefully it goes smoothly.

dailies that I do everyday so I don't have to list are:
get all things done for the day (pack bags, get water, load car)
make breakfasts/lunches/ snacks
kids up/ eat/ dress
while kids do that get Jake up and bathed and dressed
make beds
wipe down bathrooms
empty trash
run dishwasher- when needed but I usually do this at night
make sure kids do chores
straighten up all rooms

L-D-J- school
mops days every other week
no mops week- whatever I want to do but fun:scrapbook, crafts, blog, I really want to learn to sew but will see :)
good cleaning but not a major one

L- D- school
cook (any food that requires prep for the week or prep that can be done ahead of time)
house projects (organizing, specific cleaning, etc)
Liz soccer 6, David soccer 6:30
gym- 9pm

L-D-J- school
walking w/MOPS girls 8:30
WW 10am
errands (grocery, target,haircuts, etc)
Liz soccer 6:00

L-D- school
watch Hannah???
laundry day
David soccer 6:30
gym- 9pm

L-D-J school
deep cleaning day
wash bedding
weekend ready

to be determined
but every Saturday from Sep 8- November soccer games for Liz and David

church day
plan week
meal plan

riveting I know aren't you glad you read this post today......

oh yeah I have been coming up with some ideas for my cooking blog, and I am having my blogs redesigned it is going to be so cool, I cant wait for you to see!


  1. Where's the stuff you do as a room mother? Is that a weekly commitment? Man, you're busy.

  2. Hey girl,
    I tagged you on my you have to do it,Not really!

  3. You have motivated me to write out a routine.