Monday, February 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Well it is a new week already..... I spent sometime planning my menu out for the next month I am really excited. I came up with A list of meals that i know i want to make in the next month, i included a few new ones which will excite my incredibly adventurous loves to try new thing husband (that is a total lie he would eat the same 7 things over and over) This is a good month for me to do this because we will be out of town for 3 days, John will be gone another weekend, and it is a short month. I normally do my bigger shopping in the middle of the month due to how we get paid so it works out great.
the only thing I am worried about is I think I will add in a day where I go to the store 1 time in the middle for some fresh produce and milk. I am excited, if anyone does this and wants to give me some tips I would love it.
so this week:
Monday- tacos, and nachos
Tuesday- leftover night!
Wednesday- shredded beef sandwiches, chili beans, salad, salsa
Thursday- pampered chef party
Friday- pizza party for John's deacon team
Saturday- lasagna, french bread, salad
Sunday- Chile Verde, pot beans, rice (I never made this last week)

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