Friday, February 16, 2007

Free for all friday

I was trying to think of what to name my Friday post and I figured Friday should be a free for all day I can specifically blog whatever my little wants too! I mean i guess I could any day but Friday will be whatever is on my mind for sure. so today's topic.....POTTY TRAINING! now I know every mom has there own take on the best way to get a child to poop on the potty and here's my experience...
when I was 18 (yes 18 very young) I had my daughter Liz she was so cute, easy going and a really good baby she was potty trained just shy of her 2ND birthday! it was so easy I took her to the store let her pick out pretty panties, and she never had a accident, never!!!!

then I had boys David who is 4 was potty trained by his 3rd birthday which by all means is not bad, but I was pretty relaxed this time and didn't rush him as much plus his brother was a year younger still in diapers so he didn't get the importance as much... Now David I had to bribe him with candy and I am not embarrassed to say it worked! it took a little longer, and he had a few more accidents then Liz but overall it went well....

Now fast forward to the present my son Johnathan is three and a half years old and he is still not potty trained well not completely, he goes to preschool and is fully potty trained there but at home he goes when he wants too, so what have I decided? I am the problem with each child I have got a little more relaxed and I don't stress out about the little things as much including potty training, I know my son will not go to kindergarten in a diaper. now that being said I do want him completely potty trained with no accidents before this baby is born in June which is completely doable right?..... especially since I said I would take him to Disneyland if he went pee and poop like a big boy!


  1. Oh if only life were easy! No fear, Ezra is back in a diaper since his surgery, and he is loving it...back to square one!
    Blessings, Rossie

  2. Hi Raquel,

    Welcome to blogging!

    My son was 3 1/2 before he got the "whole" picture of potty training. You are right, they won't go to kindergarten in a diaper!

    To answer your question about drawing a line through a word, you have to use the carets (the things that look like pointy parentheses on the comma and the period keys). Before the word you type the word "strike" between two carets (one to open and one to close the code). After the word, you type /strike between the carets. If you look at your post in the html version, you will see that italic, bold and other ways of changing letters are also done using a code word set in carets, also. Sorry, I can't show you on this or blogger will strike my words out!! Let me know if this makes any sense!