Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I need to do before this week is over!!!!

  1. laundry- all of it, including bedding
  2. clean my house- top to bottom
  3. clean out the kids closets
  4. rearrange my room
  5. consider paint color for the living room, kitchen, and dining
  6. decide on what to do in the boys room (paint, furniture etc...)
  7. go out and look at the weeds (just look I am not pulling but I do want to plant some stuff)
  8. clean the windows
  9. watch the race
  10. call about our TV to see of it is fixed
  11. go to goodwill and drop off some stuff
  12. list some things on eBay
  13. sit down and make some cards

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