Monday, September 16, 2013

Just stuff....

Thought i would update on things going on in our lives, via a photo dump...

Cole has never sat in this awesome swing my friend gave me {he seems to young to me still} so Lilly keeps the seat warm and the batteries used by sticking this doll in there all the time!

back to school night at the boys school. 3 in elementary school. i laughed out loud when i saw this self portrait of my 5th grader.  We have been doing a lot of testing lately for Johnathan he is a little quirky and we are trying to figure out what is going on, things like this wear on a mommas heart. iep's, behavioral therapist/counselors, tests, meeting etc it's just.... a lot!

I wish there was like 10 of these candles in the clearance bin at target because i may have bought them all, it smells SO good! i had the weirdest pregnancy and could hardly stand any smells but now that i have had him i am missing having candles burning often but i am still a little sensitive, weird huh?

basically my motto ^^^^

Liz's volleyball is off to a good start. She is the captain this year and is loving her team and coach always a good sign!

pulled out the ONE box of Halloween/fall decor i have and took about 5 seconds why the baby was sleeping and everyone else was amused and threw everything up. It works

I cant believe this girl is a sophomore! Her entire school takes a trip to Hume and it is her favorite school activity of the year she said the speaker and worship were great. i need a getaway =)

MOPS started last week and we made coffee mugs as our craft we are reusing them each meeting instead of name tags they turned out great (these i found on pinterest and cant find the original link but anyway)

my secret pal got me these super adorable canisters <3 p="" them="">

MOPS wore this girl out and she is getting so big, she will be 4 this week!

she is obsessed with her "animals" as she calls them, even though they are not all animals. She sets them all up to watch movies i love this age!

and of course we are ready for fb season. 

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