Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cole 3.5 weeks

Hi! It's been a couple of weeks since i have checked in here but i would think ya all would understand!
We are still obsessed with this baby boy, he is growing quickly and i want to remember these days because honestly they are my favorite times

gahhhhhh those feet! Love them he has big feet

cracks me up that he sleeps with his mouth open a lot, i kiss that mouth a million times a day.... So far he is still sleeping really well, if i can get him to eat about 7 he will eat again about 11-12 and then he will sleep until 5-6 i LOVE those nights! honestly i am a little tired but i don't mind getting up with him most nights it is usually just once so i cant complain

it's still so hot here poor Cole needed a break from being held

can you even handle it? SO beautiful i told ya all they were going to be great in my last post! i love love love them... I ordered baby announcements they should be here anytime i cant wait to see those!

cheeks for days......

there is nothing sweeter than seeing your husband holding his babies makes me so happy!

he looks like a little man this was on his 3 week "birthday"

baby booties are so cute! 

Lilly decorated Cole with stickers after a dental appointment the other day she has done great with him so far, pretty much gentle and loving

Our first church service tonight, apparently Cole was amused but it was so nice to be back and worshiping with our church i hadn't been in 6 weeks because the last few weeks of my pregnancy i was just miserable so i definitely missed it

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