Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer time

13 things.... Just random about summer
  1.   Even though I am not a huge fan of summer break I have really tried to relax and enjoy this one. I think I have done pretty good at it
  2.  I love routine, and fall and well my kids going away for hours every day so number 1 tends to be not my normal bend but like I said… I am working on it
  3.  I think the kids have had a good summer even though we haven’t done a  ton little things here and there add up to fun experiences right?!
  4.  Even though I love back to school, the first few weeks-month are panning out to be crazy busy and that’s not even counting having a baby lol
  5. Preparing for my LAST baby seems kind of crazy and so final… but I like knowing this is the last one and being able to enjoy all the little things of getting ready for a baby
  6. I still haven’t 100% committed to a name I am leaning towards Cole more now than Jude but I told john I will know when I see him. Good thing I am having a boy because I would never be able to decide if I were having a girl there are tons of girls names I love….
  7. We have had 17 days over a 100 degrees in July so far and the looks like we could have about 3-4 more at least
  8.  I am a little obsessed with the royal baby such a sweet story and I love Kate she is so pretty (plus I love the name Kate on my short list for girls haha!)
  9. This summer my favorite foods have been peaches, nectarines, iced tea, Pepsi, avocados on bread, pizza (I could eat it every day!)
  10. On Saturday when Johnathan turns 10 I will have 3 kids in double digits, more than single digits that’s a shift in our house. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since the twins were born and crazy to think they were not due until September 30 but were born in July!
  11. My family decided instead of a baby shower us girls would get together and are going out to dinner this weekend and celebrating the baby I am excited for that I love the girls in my family we always have fun! i love this idea so much!
  12.  I gave myself the goal of finishing my school clothes shopping for the kids by the first week in august so I have a little over a week to go... haven't even started, and of course everyone has had big growth spurts so they all need everything
  13.  I am so thankful for johnnie this summer (well all the time but specifically this summer) he has taken the kids swimming a ton, let me sleep in, take naps, told me to get away when he can tell I am overwhelmed, spoiled me, gets me water out of the garage when I am thirsty, he is a great provider for our family… I could go on and on I am so proud of the dad and person he is 

swimming at a friends! it took Jake the whole time to work up the bravery to do this, he finally did 5 minutes before we had to go he then tried like 10 times in the 5 minutes haha!

the big kids had a blast

my girlfriends threw me a baby shower.. so fun!

all my kids caught a cold it was a ugly one too....

John took the boys camping last weekend, pretty much the highlight of there summer they love being outdoors and they are all pretty obsessed with there dad... i cant blame them i am too =)

David turned 11, he wanted a red velvet cake from Costco he told me like 2 months before so funny but i got it for him and he loved it!

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